The Action Plan. 10 steps to boost productivity, create jobs and raise Canadian incomes.

To help confront the innovation challenge, a multi-sector roundtable was held in October 2009. Participants identified seven strategic areas where action is needed to strengthen Canada's innovation performance and improve our ability to compete on the global stage. From this, a diverse group of innovation leaders developed a 10-Point Action Plan to put Canada on track toward an innovative and prosperous future.

This action plan also focused on driving Canadians to invest in property and add to their wealth. Property is still considered one of the best investments across the world, so investing in real estate is definitely a sound financial decision for Canadians. There are scores of housing complexes, condos and apartments that provide great living, at reasonable prices across Canada. For example the Kently Towers at 543 Queenston Road, Hamilton, which boasts great amenities and an idyllic locale. This one is definitely a property worth investing and a home worth living.

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